About Us

Shams Abu Dhabi Travel is a professional national establishment dedicated to provide reliable and efficient travel solutions to Corporate and Individual Travellers. Over the years our Chairman Mr. Nasser Mohamed Al Shamsi has provided us with the vision and leadership to become one of the best choice travel providers in the region. We have been committed to working together in partnership with our clients, ensuring mutual goals and objectives are achieved. We recognise that we serve two distinct customers, Business and Leisure traveller, both requiring constant professionalism, information, expertise and fulfilment.

Custom Services

Customer Service

Understanding your servicing requirements. Maintaining service standards and being prepared to enhance those standards in an ever-changing environment. A company that is proactive, not reactive.

Cost Containtment

Cost Containment

Utilising the skills of our quality Travel Consultants and the advantages of our travel technology, we will analyse your supplier utilisation and destinations, in order to design and implement effective, measurable cost saving programmes.

Custom Services

Travel Policy

To assist your company in the preparation and/or management of a travel policy so as to ensure, when implemented it is strictly adhered to in order to maximise the benefits of preferred supplier agreements.

Custom Services


Ongoing training and development programmes for our team to ensure we are fully acquainted with the very latest travel management news and technology. This will ensure the achievement of the objectives set for and by our clients and our company.

Chairman's Message


"Having now firmly established ourselves as one of the leading Travel Suppliers in the region we continue to see new opportunities for growth. The compelling combination of our values, relationships, market focus and sound business-sense place us in a strong position to seize these opportunities for creating further growth and development.
Our values are core to our business, mixing passion and loyalty to create business solutions with trust and care for our customers to ensure the highest levels of success and satisfaction. Through our constant dedication towards customer satisfaction and unwavering commitment towards excellence, we have earned our stripes in this competitive travel industry."

Nasser Mohamed Al-Shamsi

Shams Abu Dhabi Travel

Tourist Club Area,
Behind ADCB, Abu Dhabi

P.O Box: 94709,
Tel: +971 02 6444494
Fax: +971 02 6449977
Mob:+971 50 6658899
E-mail: info@shamsabudhabi.ae
Head Office : Abu Dhabi
Branches: Al Ain , Baniyas, Musaffah Shabia, Musaffah ICAD